Reecosys- Real estate ka search engine

Reecosys is a comprehensive digital platform to connect every real estate stakeholder. Customers can easily reach out to suppliers (Eg. cement supplier, electric supplier, fire & safety supplier etc); Contractors (RCC contractor, furniture contractor, painting contractor etc.); professional consultants (architect, interior designer, GST consultant etc.); on demand services (carpenters, electricians, housekeeping etc.).

With numerous features and benefits, Reecosys simplifies the process of reaching out to customers as well as vendors. It is a free platform that acts as a bridge between the potential customers and service providers.

Reecosys takes your experiences to a unique level of comfort and convenience.
With features like interactive maps, photographs, and live locations, users can visually experience various services, user products, projects, or even upload their resumes for applying in the real estate sector, all through their phones.